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AAA Effective Tutoring

We provide highly qualified one on one tutoring by certified teachers and college educated tutors who are Nationally Board Certified, ESOL, Gifted, Autism and Reading Endorsed or have been trained and mentored by our team of highly qualified and multi-lingual educators, ESE and Curriculum Specialists.

We match the tutor to the specific learning styles and academic needs of the student.

Our tutors, service students using cognitive strategies specifically aligned to individual learning needs.

The data is then reviewed and assessed to formulate a specified curriculum to meet the needs of the particular student. We also offer homework assistance for each student.

We are willing to communicate with the student’s teacher and academic/behavioral service providers.

We know the challenges our students are facing in and outside of the classroom. We are able to address these needs through one on one academic attention and intervention.

Our Philosophy:  

We believe that all students can learn.

The learning process is unique to each learner.  There are preferred modalities of learning.

It is the role of the educator to facilitate students in the learning process.

Highly trained and skilled educators, an enriched learning environment, and differentiated instruction, make a difference in the academic achievement of young learners.

Our Service Locations:

* Broward County
* Dade County
* Palm Beach County
* Monroe County
* Orange County
* Washington D.C.

Our tutors facilitate student instruction in the presence of a parent, guardian, or supervising adult.

Tutoring may occur in the home, aftercare facility, public library, or another preferred location arranged by the parent and/or guardian.

Our Curriculum and Connection to the Classroom

We begin by administering a VAR/VARK learning inventory to determine the learning style of each student.

This is followed by comprehensive assessments to determine reading fluency and reading comprehension in fiction and non-fiction. We also use data from various reading assessments including but not limited to BAT, DAR, DIBLES, FAIR, FCAT, IRI, and STAR. In math, the TOMA and K12 Math Placement Assessment, is used to determine math computation and problem solving level. These initial assessments are designed to assess each student’s proficiency according to Florida Department of Education Sunshine State Standards.

These findings are used to develop an individual academic and instructional improvement plan where long term academic goals and short-term objectives are designed to meet the instructional and learning needs of each student. We facilitate instruction through the use of Harcourt and Spectrum curriculum resources and real world content: trade books, manipulatives, technology (Compass Learning Odyssey) and experiential learning activities.

Many of our tutors are already certified teachers working in the school system. With appropriate consent, our tutors are available to coordinate with teachers, caseworkers, counselors, etc. to meet the academic